20-30? Look Cool? Play Rock & Roll?

I'm 26, tall, creative. Been in a million bands but none since moving back to London after uni 4 years ago. It's time for that to change. I play a haggard Les Paul and have done so for about 14 years - I'm not Steve Vai, think more Keith Richards, but I'm definitely competent. Also not the worst singer in the world. I want to play live music again, with people that like playing and want to do something cool, who understand being in a band is more than just music and is about style and attitude.

Bands I would like to sound like: Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, The Band, Ryan Adams

Open to any sort of line-up, hit me up if you play anything, let's be loud.

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User: A-G

Area: London

Views: 925

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