Singer needed

Audition for a k-style girl group (kent)

We are a girl group from the UK, hoping to audition multiple people for various roles (vocalist, lead/main rapper, lead/main dancer).

As a duo, we've been running our group for a long time now, with members often coming and going. We want someone committed with as much drive as us, and determination to achieve our dreams as a girl group.

We're a 'k-stlye' girl group, however the aspects of this stop at concept ideas and intense choreography whilst performing. We are not wanting to be a Korean group, we will sing and rap in English.

- We would need you to be able to travel down to Kent often! (once every 2 weeks at least)!
- You should not be shy to perform in front of others, and be enthused to do so.
- You should be passionate about both music and dance (don't have to be expert of course)
- Be willing to put in a small amount of money to invest in the group.
- And of course... show up to rehearsals and have fun!!

We have recently been noticed by Syco entertainment, so be willing to cooperate with that also :)

instagram: @demonstrateofficial

Age: 16-24

Standard: Beginner

Views: 56

User: evangelineasha

Area: Canterbury

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