Band needed

Awful guitarist wants to start to a band or... something

Hi I've been playing he guitar for a good 10 years or so (22 now) and recently decided I'd try my hand at finding some other like minded people and maybe gig a lil down the line, although I've been playing the guitar for as long as I have I haven't improved very much I like to hide my mistakes behind all of the distortion haha, I'm a huge fan of blink 182 and AVA which probably contributes to how bad I am at the guitar (I jam to those... a lot) I also like a lot of other bands too I just can't name them all here. I currently use an epiphone dot because I'm too poor for a Gibson and a vox Vt100x that I can't use at home because it's a little bit incredibly loud.

Age: 16-24

Standard: Beginner

Views: 212

User: Dillonbennett

Area: Chorley

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