Bass guitar and double bassist available

Hi, I played bass guitar and double bass semi-professionally in pop, rock, jazz and function bands for many years before studying for a music degree and then PhD in mid-life. I went on to lecture in music at the University of East Anglia. My experience of playing all sorts of music, at all sorts of levels, both live and in recording studios, combined with good reading, music theory, and listening skills, means that I can adapt to any situation. I can also contribute frontline and backline vocals.

I have my own transport, a UK passport, I am self-employed, and have four and five string, fretted and fretless bass guitars (Fender and Music Man), four double basses (gut and steel strung), and a range of amplifiers (GK, Acoustic Image, Hartke) that will suit any venue. I also have a small LEM vocal PA if required.

I am open to all kinds of work including rock and blues (I recently did a Rory Gallagher tribute in Holland), barn dance/country bands (I sometimes dep with the Famous Potatoes), function bands (I dep with the Micky Welton Band from time to time), Jazz (I organised the Riverboat Jazz for the Norfolk and Norwich Festival for a number of years).

Being in my 50s, I am not out to climb the greasy pole, I am honest about my limitations (I have played in orchestras, but it is not my strongest suit), and my openness to all kinds of music hopefully makes me easy to get along with. If you think I might fit the bill, give me a call and we will see what is possible.

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