Online music marketing mistakes

Band at stadium

A study conducted by UK Music indicated that more and more people are attending live music shows in the United Kingdom. A rise of 12% was noted in audiences at live music events in 2016, contributing £4bn to the UK economy and providing a very welcome boost for the music industry. It is evident that the live music sector is one of the most profitable and vibrant parts of the music industry with musicians generating revenue through ticket and merchandise sales. As the popularity of live music increases so too does the importance of successful music marketing campaigns to convince fans to attend these shows.

Online marketing helps solo artists and bands to reach millions of fans at a time, growing their careers with a few clicks of a button. For many, the internet has been a godsend in terms of music promotion while others make fundamental online marketing mistakes that prevent them from building a successful career. There are generally 4 common mistakes that are made and that, with a bit of research and understanding, can be avoided with the greatest of ease.

Not having a website

There is no longer any excuse for not having a website in 2017 as it should be the central hub to connect with your fans online. It is one of your most powerful marketing tools that allow your fans to learn more about you, see where you are performing next, listen to your music and buy your merchandise. It is important to create a website that represents your brand. If you can’t afford to hire a professional graphic designer right away you can make use of one of many easy-to-use tools available that will have you with an official website in no time.

Not monetising your website

Your website isn’t only your primary marketing tool but it’s also a tool that can convert fans and monetise your music. Utilise your website to sell your merchandise and music to your fans. Offer a free single or download on your site to capture email addresses and send personal offers and greetings to your fans.

Only using social media as a sales tool

People are going to tune you out if you constantly post ‘listen to my new single’ or ‘watch my new video’. Your primary goal on social media should be to create awareness, engage your followers and convert them into fans. Utilise your social media channels to initiate relationships with your followers and then urge them towards your website. Post interesting ‘behind the scene’ shots, share your personal interests and ensure your fans never bore with the content you post.

Not having an email newsletter

A lot of musicians are still underestimating the significance of email marketing while relying too much on social media marketing. The face of social media marketing is changing fast and you have to remember that anything can happen to leave you without a social media platform to market yourself on. Your email list is your strongest tool for consistent communication with your fans and to build loyalty. Even if you don’t have a newsletter yet you can start building your list by collecting the email addresses of your fans at your shows. Remember to keep your newsletters interesting by sharing personal notes, music updates and other matters of interest with your fans.

Whether you are a solo artist or a member in a band, it is vitally important to become accustomed to online music marketing strategies and to only implement the ones that will benefit you personally. If you are battling to find your feet, enlist the help of a friend or professional service provider that can help you make the most of your music marketing campaigns.