Busy band seeks true lead guitarist (male or female)

We are seeking a suitable replacement for a very gifted lead guitarist, who has been playing with us for 6 years but has decided it's time to move on. He's happy to continue until our NYE gig, but will pass things over as soon as we've found the right guy or girl and got them up to speed (so we're in no major rush).

Due to our busy gig schedule and full diary, we're reluctant to name the band publicly (so as not to alarm venues, clients etc), but we can give full details, websites etc in reply to suitable messages.

About us:
The band is now well over ten years old, and the current 5-piece lineup (female fronted, lead, rhythm, keys, drums and bass with BVs; ages 30s/40s) have each been members for at least six years. Although we set out as an originals band, we've become very popular as a high energy rock and pop covers band over the past five years, now playing busier pubs and clubs etc, as well as occasional weddings, and also corporate work that had seen us play various high profile support slots with household names.

We're a down-to-earth bunch of pro and semi-pro musicians, and seek someone similar. We're not looking for wild or arrogant. Being able to fit in with us socially is a must.

We generally rehearse Thursday nights (not every week, and the day can be flexible) from a rehearsal space close to Liverpool centre, which is free to use but doesn't allow us to leave equipment set up.

We play a range of material from classic rock through to modern party hits, but there is definitely a tendency towards creativity in our arrangements, which often vary by differing degrees from the original recordings.

What we need:
- true lead guitarist with flair and star quality
- the ability to improvise and adapt live to suit the needs of the venue/audience
- professional equipment, skills and attitude
- what's first in the diary stays in the diary approach to bookings
- ability to get up to speed quickly with around 3 hours of material in various styles (much of which is standard guitarists' fayre really) and be comfortable adapting to new arrangements and keys
- own transport and to be prepared to share responsibility for storing and transporting part of the band's co-owned PA, lighting etc
- willingness to travel throughout the north west regularly
- ability to play this NYE
- willingness to honour a couple (literally a couple) of local freebie gigs for friends/family that are booked in

Due to the nature of our schedule, this position will not suit someone already gigging regularly with another band, unless they are looking to leave that band. Although we all have other projects (and would anticipate the same of someone who plays to the level we seek), the popularity of the band will tie you down to regular weekend dates up to around a year in advance and we expect those dates to be honoured (unless there is something out of the ordinary crops up of course!); depping our dates out isn't something we consider.

Finally, we do ask that you are a true lead guitarist; solid rhythm players who play some decent lead won't cut the mustard, unfortunately. Our audiences and venues expect to be wowed.

If you feel like you might fit the (admittedly-detailed!) bill, please reply to this message with your age, location, a bit about you and your playing (style, experience etc), some links to audio/video, and anything else you'd like to tell us!

We'll give you all the info, set lists etc from there and we're looking to arrange a few jams from late April/early July.

Fans of real ale get bonus points. Brewers of real ale get a few more.

It's becoming obvious that we won't be able to reply to every message, so apologies in advance if we don't feel you are right for us. Unfortunately, we won't be able to consider anyone who isn't able to provide us with examples of their work on request.

Age: 35-44

Standard: Advanced

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User: CraigSmith

Area: Liverpool

Age: 35-44

Standard: Advanced

Views: 598

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