Cookies used by Bandonkers

Cookies are small files found on a user's machine which websites use for various purposes. Some websites use cookies inappropriately. If your browser has cookies enabled, Bandonkers may place a cookie on your machine depending on what pages you visit and options you select. Bandonkers uses cookies to improve your overall experience of the site and help you get to the pages you want effectively. Cookies are also used to help us decide how to improve the site. Please see below the cookies Bandonkers uses.


Holds your user session from when you log in.

Expires when you close the browser.


If you agree to the cookie notice on entering the site, this cookie is created so you don't get the notice upon further browsing.


Keeps you logged into the site if you choose to do so. This stops you having to login every time you visit.

Expires - after 60 days.

Google analytics

To help us identify what people like about our site, which pages are used frequently and how people navigate through the site, we use google analytics.

To find out more on how google uses cookies please see their privacy policy.


Some pages have the facebook social media sharing fanbox. Facebook may place cookies for this to store login information etc.

To see more on how facebook uses cookies please visit their privacy policy.


Some pages use the twitter social media sharing button. Twitter may place cookies to store login information and preferences etc.

For more information, visit Twitter's privacy policy.