Drummer wanted for rock band

Myself ( rhythm guitarist & vocalist) and a bass player are looking for a drummer to jam, write and gig with. Original songs and maybe the odd cover. We are aged 27 and 33. Both been in different touring bands throughout the years. Looking to get together once a week in the evenings around 7-10.

Rock/punk rock/indie/pop.

Here is a link to my stuff

Old Band 1 - https//youtu.be/WyfUY-hgFxk (lead singer, rythm guitar, songwriter)

Old Band 2 - https//youtu.be/ofNfJF10dYc (lead singer, rythm guitar, songwriter)

Solo stuff - https//youtu.be/lpENhcQKFBY

This is the bass players YouTube links

https//youtu.be/33SrubcKRe8 (solo)
https//youtu.be/1sxLiwwcVeM (old band)
https//www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-atxxtpvN8 (old band)

If interested whatsapp me with links 07837330351 or message on here.


Age: 25-34

Standard: Advanced

Views: 199

User: Dominic Benjamin

Area: Colchester

Age: 25-34

Standard: Advanced

Views: 199

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