Dynamic Soulful Vocalist available


I'm a dynamic vocalist with 21 years' experience.

I have a soulful sound and I'm experienced with harmonising, adlibbing etc.

I have live entertainment and recording studio experience within the Gospel industry, but as a Session Singer I have experience with other genres such as Funk, House, Pop, Reggae, House etc.

I'm East London based and I can also work remotely from a London based studio I have access to.

Clients /Projects I've worked on: X Factor, Will Young, various stage and recording studio projects, Las Vegas shows and much more.

Other vocalists are also available for backing vocals, choirs etc.

Demo available.

Thanks for your time,


Age: 35-44

Standard: Professional

Views: 1057

User: g_michele

Area: London

Age: 35-44

Standard: Professional

Views: 1057

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