Established 1920s band seeks bassist & sax

Hi everyone,

I am the lead singer and producer of my 1920s style band, based on Postmodern Jukebox; 'Almost Modern Jukebox' (AMJ)
I am in need of a double bassist (also open to other bass instruments (ie sousaphone etc) and I also need a sax/trumpet/clarinet player to join the band too due to expanding the line up.
Must be of a level to play PMJ songs where the tempo and style regularly change. A personality and stage presence would be fab too as we all like to have fun and bounce of each other.

We have many bookings in the diary and have had many happy clients and venues so far!
Bassist and Saxist must be local to Bristol and will need to rehearse with us soon to be polished for our 1st gig back, in August!

Get in touch for dates and more info and I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Daisy Alexandra
Daisy Chain Entertainment Group LTD

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