Experimental rock metal looking for bass

Vocalist (+ samples/keyboards), guitarist (+ backing vocals/various noise devices) and drummer (+ backing vocals and looking to incorporate percussions) looking for bassist. We are hoping to put together a genre-bending experimental / avant-garde rock / metal band in the veins of Primus, Mr Bungle, Ween, The Residents, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Fantomas / Tomahawk / everything Patton, The Jesus Lizard, Dir En Grey, Polkadot Cadaver, Zappa, CCP- Fedeli alla Linea, etc.

We are aiming for something heavy, noisy, surreal and absurd, with unpredictable songs and the most bizarre live show that has ever passed through town.

We use a variety of guitar pedals, vocal effects, samples and loopers to add diversity to our sound, unconventional ideas are welcome. We have a few recorded tracks which are vaguely indicative of where we'd like to head, happy to share them with the caveat that they are far from finished products and barely scratch the surface of what we want to do. As we have been jamming as a band for over a month now, we have started developing new material: the goth song now goes into a reggae break and then into an angry metal part, the Primus-sy one is sounding weirder than ever and there also is the nice quiet jazz track...

We are all in our 30s and have our own gear, your age does not matter but your maturity and reliability do. Our preferred practice location is the Rock'n'Roll Circus but we can be flexible.

A good friend is currently helping us on bass duties but we are looking for someone to permanently join and start gigging with us early in the new year.
Message me here or on 07865 925715.

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