Aging beginners?

Mack23-Jun-21 21:44

Anybody out there rediscovering or starting out learning an instrument? I'm picking up drums again after 20+ years because the last year has made me want to hit stuff and make loud noises. Anyone else feeling like this?

Sergio28-Jun-21 11:59

Hi Mack, where are you based?

Mack28-Jun-21 12:28

Hi Sergio, I'm in Chiswick in West London.

Sergio02-Jul-21 08:59

Oh no! I thought you were in Bristol. I hope you find your chance to hit the drums, mate.

Mack02-Jul-21 09:01

Cheers mate, I've found a Samba Reggae group not too far actually so that's pretty sweet!

stickman10-Jul-21 10:53

I've just started the keys. What sort genre are you looking/want/enjoy to play within?