Band names

James13123217-May-21 09:06

How the hell do you think up a decent band name? All the ones I think of sound either corny or just crap!

3Carbs22-May-21 10:17

RHCP so called as they had some chilli flakes on an amp

Artif@ct24-May-21 15:17

Choose one that suits your temperament, personality or musical style. My band is called Artifact because we are all a little older.

Maybe 'Needlessly insecure' might suit because most band names are crap we just go with it because we like the music :)

James13123228-May-21 19:00

'Needlessly insecure' I quite like that. I always liked 'Red shift' but it's taken. I once came across a super heavy band that simply called themselves 'Nuclear bomb'. Brutal lol. We'll keep thinking...

Funkstar12401-Jun-21 17:18

Always a bugger that one! Personally, I would say firstly, what genre of music are you playing? Link the name ti the Genre or even to a mixed bag - thats. a name in itself right there. If you did covers across multi-genres, you could have "The Blenders" - again, the name speaks for itself! Hope that helps!

Stub Mandrel06-Jun-21 20:22

@Midnightmike - so the secret is to pick a word with 'K' in it? :-)

Most names are cheesy until people get to know it.

One idea is to look at the titles of books that reflect the sort of things reflected in your music.

banjo07-Jun-21 10:12

Use a foreign language then it will sound more unusual e.g. the eurovision winners have a danish name which means moonlight.

UpminsterKid13-Jun-21 20:51

Back in the 70's
We had a great name
So I thought
"Rebel Rabi and the Begal Boys"
Still unused.

Funkstar12414-Jun-21 20:10

If you're a metal band you could always use one of my reserve names for that genre a bit like spinal about Anal leakage?

Bobbitone17-Jun-21 12:34

We're called We Be Spies

James13123224-Jun-21 17:23

Some interesting ideas. Not sure Anal leakage is the way forward! How about Passive discharge?