Can someone take some studio equipment off my hands ( free )

Valerie2812-Nov-21 00:57

I have many Russ Andrews cables and leads for mics and guitars, all professional.
I also have a mixer, Tascam recorder, switches and a guitar and some effects devices.
If you have your own transport you are more than welcome to have them. I need the space they are taking up.

Valerie2812-Nov-21 01:01

I am in Teddington Middlesex.

pavlos_pier13-Nov-21 19:28

Hi, can you post some pictures of the items you have? i am happy to collect.

ALE12-Jan-22 00:14

where r u based?

Magafox24-Jan-22 15:23

Have these items been collect ?

Valerie2829-Jan-22 01:33

I cannot upload pics to here, so if anyone can contact me on I can send you pics from there.

Valerie2829-Jan-22 01:34

their all still available.

Swampig08-Feb-22 09:56

I'm just setting up I'll take the lot if still available and your close by

Valerie2808-Feb-22 16:11

That would be wonderful if you could, could you send me an email and I can show you the images ? and also if interested give you my details.