Good new music?

SaraM08-May-20 21:02

So since we're all on lockdown can anyone recommend any new music to listen to? Love good old fashioned rock bands.

James13123208-May-20 21:18

My son's been listening to twenty one pilots and it's actually pretty good.

janesonic22-Jun-20 11:11

I have been discovering Squarepushers back catalogue, I'm in my 50s and did'nt think I'd find anything as absorbing as his varied output, lots to get through. Inspired enough to dust off my sons old synth and do some stuff myself.

Tokyo Storm11-Jul-20 21:45

Made in the UK
Just about to launch our debut album..
Melodic rock also known as AOR!

To hear some snippets copy and paste the link below.

Hellwyck30-Jul-20 13:17


It's got rock, metal, industrial, punk, hardcore - anything for groovy good stuff.


SaraM07-Aug-20 10:42

Thanks everyone, I will have a listen :)