Half priced gigs

N Smith12-Aug-20 20:31

Hi Everyone just heard from another musician that some Acts are offering Half Priced Gigs Please Please can we all agree this isn't the way forward all it will do is drive gig fees down when things get back to normal I know Clubs / Pubs have had a bad time but they've had support and business is coming back for them Musicians were the first to lose work and will be the last back and no one in Government is listening
We need the Self Employed Assistance Scheme to be extended just for our industry
Thanks sorry to get up on my soap box
Take care Everyone

A.Brett14-Aug-20 06:10

I have been lucky to have work in the clubs, and bars in the 70s. This was the time when we musicians had all the work we needed, But then in the eightys along came redundants and closures of industries, We the entertainment business had to adapt to the crisis at the time, So I feel we may have to cut our fees to protect not only the venue's which have been struggling for years, to ensure we in the business, still can go and gig. I personally would rather go out and gig eg, 4 times a month for a lower fee, than go out once for larger fee

Fireblademalc11-Sep-20 21:59

Well, you've obviously never been a professional musician, otherwise, you would have been a union member and upheld/received at least minimum union rates. You also wouldn't even consider working for reduced rates!
There are some 'musicians' out there who play for peanuts, but not for long as they don't attract the paying punters - because they're sh1t.
So, no reduced rates!!

ecps9913-Sep-20 10:14

What would your local plumber say if you asked him to cut 50% from his estimate for work to be carried out?
I cannot print the words here!
Why - too many expletives.
But why?
Because it is insulting to expect a qualified tradesman to work for less than the deserved price.
So come on you musicians who are tempted to lower your prices - Don't do it!
You make life difficult for the rest of us. We too have spent hours honing our skills and purchasing the gear we have grown with.

Nay Name20-Sep-20 15:57

It is a pointless waste-of-time arguement.
If you are rubbish and trying to get attention, then little tricks like under-cutting, or bulssh*tting your way into gigs, then you'll only get so far.
And if you don't do that, then don't worry about it. You'll get known for good giugs, and confidently CHARGE WHAT YOU NEED, and not what you think you should say.

If you value yourself, and value the integrity of your work, then this arguement plays o0n insecurity and knee-jerk reactions to it, so DON'T BITE! You are ''warned"