Is anyone out there???

30-Jan-21 20:51

Alright champions! Hope all is well with everyone during this bullsh!t time.
Can anyone tell me if they get any replies from any messages they send on this site? Or has everyone taken a vow of bloody silence!
Some absolute legend once said it's good to talk, unfortunately I think who ever he said it to must of been deaf because no one seems to be doing it.
Anyway, I hope everyone is well and not climbing the walls as much as I am, stuck in the house, not daring to cough in public for fear of being strung up.
So, enough waffling for now. Remember folks, you are all champions.
See ya's later skaters.

jakegannon18-Feb-21 23:59

Where are you based man. Im in Liverpool city centre and am looking to start a band. The name is Vendetta and it's a rock'n'roll band. I'm a singer songwriter and am looking to get things properly started. No bullshit, no time-wasting. Message me if ur interested. If u dont after talking about all the silence then ill take it ur a hypocrite. Peace n love brother hope to hear from you.

rock4ever24-Feb-21 11:29

Hello everybodey im out there!! need to form a rock/metal covers band but also own stuff aswell.need a drummer,guitarist and bassist. I play guitar and do abit of singing too.