Most frightening gigs

Duker4618-Oct-20 01:15

Might be a strange experience to gig again after such a long break (if it ever happens). What's the scariest gigs you've done? I haven't done many so I guess the worst was the first. It felt completely intense, I just didn't relax at all. Once I'd got through that though it became more and more 'normal'.

Luckily I haven't seen any bar fights break out or threats made but we've had to deal with rowdy audience members trying to get on stage at times and that sort of thing.

Paul Norman25-Oct-20 22:46

We used to play a club in the Brighton area that was run by villains who, unfortunately, liked us. But you played when they said. You stopped when they said. You played what they said, if they said anything at all. The place looked like Darwin's waiting room. The sawdust on the floor was probably last night's furniture and the barman had a gunshot wound he'd show you for a drink. So it was unfortunate one night that Jerry (not his real name) our leader, on a whim, decided to pop 10p in the bandit and dropped the 180 jackpot the regulars had been chasing for yonks. Awkward hardly describes it. We played to icy silence for the rest of the night and and finished with the fastest load out you ever saw. Just as the last amp was going in to the van, a huge bloke in a camel coat (yep, with the astrakhan collar and all), lurched drunkenly toward me, muttering something about going for a drive with him. I have no idea how he proposed to compensate himself for the loss of the jackpot, but fortunately I never got to find out; two of his equally sharply-dressed mates slid up behind him, took an arm each, rotated him180 and jollied him back into the club. The place burnt down not long after. I met one of the regulars and commiserated with him over the loss. He said it was unfortunate - it was supposed to be the following week and the bandit still had 150 in it.

Skylardon27-Oct-20 10:46

We stood in for another band at late notice In an ex bikers pub. Turned out it still had the bikers - just no bikes. We were playing covers like Brown Eyed Girl etc.....
The girls had huge biceps and the blokes had few teeth
Some bloke with a couple of teeth less than the average hurled abuse at us through the whole first set and then cheered at the end of every song. The locals said it's OK he's always like that.
We finished the second set but the staff said you'd better keep playing till midnight or they'll kill you, so we repeated a few songs but everyone was so smashed by then no-one noticed and they all eventually went home leaving the staff and a couple having a domestic.
Weird at the time but I'd go back there and play again.

AL GOLD28-Oct-20 15:59

I suppose the worst gig we ever did was in Mexico, we were doing a soundcheck during the day in a very large venue when 25 to 30 of the local Mafia came in with chains, locks and Guns that proceeded to seal the venue completely. Apparently the promotor had done something to their leader, they had 38's, 45's and a couple of rifles, they pistol whipped the manager in his office and we could hear him being thrown around, after which a group of them went out looking for the promotor, it took us 7 hours to get from that one, we later discovered that they took the promotors cars, jewellery and emptied his bank account, needless to say that was the end of the Tour, at least we survived and made it home to Blighty ..!!!

AL GOLD28-Oct-20 16:02

Paul Norman,
We used to play a venue in Brighton called "Coasters " , is it still there ? Lol

Paul Norman28-Oct-20 20:22

Don't recall the name, but I did a search and found it was the old Kingswest suite, previously known as Papa Jenks, which I did know. Tried out for the house band, but went over the road to work a regular pub gig instead. Jenks closed in 1986. There was also the Lighthouse club along towards Shoreham which we used to play, but that closed when the owner, his wife and son were all murdered there by their step son Paul Teed, in 1985. Considering what we do, we chose some dodgy venues to do it in, don't we?

daveevans3531-Oct-20 02:12

Played the South Wales miners clubs for many years when they were in the day, you would always get the heckler and give what they gave back, I was front of stage with a comment thrown that was a direct question that was homophobic, I bounced it back and upstood a giant.

30 minutes to the end of the 2nd set flew past luckily I had 20 or more helpers at the end t hel lad up and get out

Aust31-Oct-20 08:07

Done a few Hells Angels gigs. We never argued about the money and played when and as long as they said. But we were treated with respect and all ways had a great nite. Good times.

bassongs01-Nov-20 12:19

I turned up to a village hall in Shaftesbury, Dorset with our drummer. The whole place was surrounded by large motorbikes and larger people. We were a country band. I said to my mat"e I think we're going to die". Couldn't retreat had to wait for the other guys. We set up and were asked to play while these folk had thier dinner. We played some quiet country music and they applauded every song. After dinner we decided to raid the memory banks for rock and R&B/blues songs we all remembered . Had a blistering night with three encores. You never can tell

Paul Norman01-Nov-20 16:45

Yes, sometimes when you expect it to be a turkey, it just turns out right.

CR03-Dec-20 19:44

My experience of a strange gig my God millions of them. One comes to mind in Carlisle through out the performance ,the audience replicants of the village of the damned they all spoke the same very ghostly imagery persona and when we did the Finale they all got up as I put my equipment away I turn round at the place was empty It was like a scene from the tale of the crypt as they are emerged into the graves ghosts they would definitely not of this world