Over covered songs

Jonny_22206-Nov-20 11:36

Which ones have you played and heard so many times that it now drives you insane?

Carlos Slick06-Nov-20 18:16

I've played 'Walkin' by Myself' by Gary Moore in nearly every band since 1991. I used to love that tune but by the end I absolutely loathed it

Tunehouse13-Nov-20 07:52

I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than play Mustang Sally again....!

Tenth Man18-Nov-20 12:25

Kings of leon sex on fire
Oasis don't look back in anger
Elvis suspicious minds

Steve24326-Nov-20 14:28

Sunflower- Paul Weller
Teenage Kicks - The Undertones

123david12330-Nov-20 13:41

Johnny b fucking good ah

JOESA02-Dec-20 21:12

Highway to Hell and Whole lotta Rosie( and I sing in an AC/DC covers band! ) Sweet Child o' mine and Slither.

CR03-Dec-20 19:26

Stuck in the fucking middle with you fucking brown eyed girl most of these bands are a pile of shite

Mustang Sally. I can't believe how many bands do it. Please stop.

Duker4618-Dec-20 12:49

I'm absolutely sick of hearing Mustang Sally. Seems like a prerequisite for some bands. Surely everyone has heard it hundreds of times by now.

Paullo31-Dec-20 10:19

Unfortunately, if you play in a covers band and do pubs and clubs people want to hear these songs. If you stand there and reel off some of your own personal favourite album tracks you won't get many people up on the floor
I played with a (misguided) guitarist once who claimed playing obscure songs got people listening and they would come up after and ask who the song was by.....err, no, people listen to covers band to dance about and sing along to songs they know, not for a musical education

Juno6005-Jan-21 22:47

Unfortunately, there always has been a glut of guitar bands out there and a glut of so-called 'classic' tunes, which are sometimes easy to play and many times easy to listen to and sing along to. You can hate Mustang Sally all you want, but roll into "All you wanna do is ride around, Sally ... " and the audience lose their shit. See also Sex on Fire, Sweet Child of Mine and DLBIA. They are setlist standards and audiences would rather hear that than track four on Mastadon's least popular album, picked because it has a dull-as-fuck five minute guitar solo, which goes on, and on, and on and one solitary stoner is stood out the front raising his glass to the band whilst the punters drink up put their coats on and fuck off.

Look on the jukebox. Listen to what is being put on. That - like it or not - is your bread and butter.