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Full Step Down Tuning

Get your guitar tuned down and make it sound dirty and intolerant! Blow away the audience with deep power chords and muted strings!

This tuning is popular amongst metal and some rock groups who want to throw a bit more 'weight' behind their sound.

Although this tuning is mainly used for heavier music, playing clean open notes in this tuning produces some refreshing and interesting sounds.

Use a Capo

If you need to play songs in a higher tuning as well as full step down, rather than re-tuning between songs or using a different guitar, you may want to use a capo. This should save time and aggravation!

String Gauge

Heavier strings will usually be used by guitarists using this tuning - (strings where the first string is at .011 inches onwards). This will increase string tension and help avoid buzzing. There are no hard rules however, if you find lighter strings work well then use them.

Noted Musicians that use this tuning

  • Kirk Hammett
  • Roope Latvala