Industry managed band - vocalist wanted!


If you're into a mix of light atmosphere sections, punchy guitar riffs, big bass and drums or all of them combined with some sprinkling of electronic synths and sounds.
Then you sound like a possible vocalist for Fable that could bring their touch to the music!

Looking for a vocalist influenced or similar sounding to Enter Shikari, Royal Blood, Don Broco, Fightstar, Architects, Sleep Token. Musically we are also influenced by Loathe, Tesseract, RATM, Deftones and many more.

- Aged 18-35
- Passion for original songwriting and performing.
- Able to record rough vocal demos and ideas (don't have to be studio quality) we can help with this also.
- Occasional travel required.

What to expect from us:
- Industry management, contacts and funding.
- Catalogue of 40+ song demos and growing, but only the best tracks will be used.
- Professional plan of action.
- A practice/recording space, with accommodation.
- Passion to the work but without losing the fun and reason we do this!

If you are looking for the traditional weekly meet up and jam style band this may not be for you.

The band will be using a modern approach to writing that has been seen over the years by established bands, and more so over the last year by many more artists with the progression of the internet and home setups.

This provides more time for all involved to write, collaborate and practice ideas, at times that work best for them. Meaning we get the best out of the music and ourselves.
Which then allows recording of music in a studio and band practices then to run a lot quicker and smoother saving further time and money for all. But above all it's about the fun and enjoyment of the writing process towards the great excitement of the live shows!

If you have any questions at all about this please don't hesitate to ask and we can explain it via phone or email.

Email us at jctmmusic@gmail.com or contact via this site for more information, we're always open for a chat.


Age: 25-34

Standard: Intermediate

Views: 38

User: jctmmusic

Area: Surbiton

Age: 25-34

Standard: Intermediate

Views: 38

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