Male french singer seeks anglosaxon rock songwriter (remote)

Male french singer / guitarist / composer / producer from south of France seeks Anglo-Saxon songwriter for pop - indie rock band with touch of post-punk / cold wave - for a remote collaboration (obviously).

Main musical / songwriting influences (in order of preference) : Depeche Mode, Joy Division, The Sound, David Bowie, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Modern English, And Also The Trees, Simple Minds, Dead Can Dance, The Chameleons, The Smiths, New Model Army, early U2, INXS, The Church, Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, M83, Big Black Delta, Yello.

Hello, I am seeking a songwriter who can truly write introspective, universal and yet beautiful lyrics such as Martin Gore's songs -> simple allegories of love, pain and suffering with an emphatic touch of darkness, but always tinted with a hint of hope and a subtle pinch of poetry. It'd be very nice if it could hide a militant subtext as well, but it should only be very clever and finely nuanced, there's no need to make a rod for our own back with literally contemplative and corny PC bullshits, especially nowadays, eh ? ;-)

You might wonder why the heck "" for a french musical project ? Well, the truth is I've always been an unconditional "Anglophile" therefore I think that only an Anglo-Saxon native speaker can write lyrics the way I'd love to do it myself and I might add that sometimes I don't quite feel that I fit in the french mentality at all...

Short term goal : Being able to regain self confidence as a singer by overcoming this "lyrics" creative blank I seem to endure at the moment. For the time being, as long as I feel moved and excited by what I'm reading, I see no reason why I wouldn't give the songwriter "carte blanche". I may only suggest some of the themes I would like her or him to tackle.

Long term goal : Being able to work in collaboration as "co songwriter", drastically enhance my english skills and perhaps even make a pen friend of this new partner :-)

More about myself : I'm a 32 year old technophile who worked as a videographer / photographer for years, I love sound design and musical production in general and I'm a geek as well. So it is safe to say that every part of the production process including visual are in good hands.

Musically speaking : I was told that my voice tends to sound like a mix between the late Ian Curtis, Dave Gahan and Morrissey, and I was the guitarist of the french band "Contre Jour" ( ; after we split, I put music on hold for a few years, hence this classified ad in order to get back on track. I'm currently working on this new project with my bestie (Contre Jour's bassist), an outstanding composer whom I've known for over 15 years. I've also been the lead singer of "Press Gang Metropol" (with ex famous french gothrock band "Corpus Delicti" founder members) for about a year in which we once opened for New Model Army and Trisomie 21.

Other things you should know about me : I'm also a progressive person who supports the french equivalents of your Jeremy Corbyn, I'm a vegetarian (vegan actually, although I'm not a nasty self-righteous activist, don't worry), and I'm a huge fan of the Monty Python, Graham Linehan works and every other absurd british humorous sitcoms in general... Oh, and of course : I just love cats.


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