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Multi-instrumental session musicians wanted

Upcoming solo artist is looking for live/session musicians (standard line up; drums, bass, guitar/keyboardist, though multi-instrumentalists will have an edge) to play parts in recordings (in standard tablature with a full demo of your part to help) and come on the road if original material (standalone singles and album ready to go) is successful. Must be able to:

sing competent harmonies while playing their instrument live
listen to and play a variety of different genres, from pop to soul to Skrillex
pick up the basics of any cover song in 1/2 days (shows may involve social media cover requests made the day before), and have a good ear rather than relying too much on tabs
work with all kindsa technology & work alongside playback of certain elements/loop their instruments live, nothing too fancy (or at least have an open mind towards this)
Be free to record outside working hours anytime across the rest of this year/beginning of next year with good notice (Except national holidays).

Web and social media skills would be appreciated to help spread the word at the beginning. Any more than 3 effects pedals/cymbals/extra stuff will be frowned upon.

You don't need to respond with anything complicated; just name, instrument(s) & link to Facebook profile ;)

Hope to hear from you!

Age: Various ages

Standard: Professional

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User: Lead Singer

Area: Glasgow

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