Pro singer with worldwide exp. looking for band or pianist

have recently moved to Devon and am looking for a new band to play with and get back out on the scene after returning to live in UK just 3 months ago. I have more than 12 years experience as a professional singer and LOVE being on stage and playing to an audience.

I am currently based in Newton Abbott and am looking for gigs primarily within a 200 mile radius of Newton Abbot, if the job pays well I am able to take jobs in London too. At present I work 8- 4.30pm Mon - Fri so looking mainly for weekend work (flexible on location) and mid week jobs that are not too far due my stable job.

I have included some promo as me also as a DJ incase any of your clients want a DJ as well as a band for their event. It would be great to hear back from you either way. I have attached all the promo for you to have a look at.

Singing Videos:

Galaxy Hotel, Macau
Ritz Carlton, Japan
MIU club, China
Chinese Idol
Jazz Band, Chengdu, China


Jodie Cooper, born in North East Lincolnshire, UK has been working as a vocalist all over the world for the past 13 years. With achievements under her belt as a singer, songwriter, vocal coach, entertainment manager and more recently as a vocal DJ with her unique and uplifting act.

Currently living and working in Devon, Jodie has also spent the last 4 years working in Mainland China. Whilst in China, Jodie has worked in all major cities as both a singer and DJ for the most exclusive clubs, lounges and large outdoor festivals and events. In 2014 Jodie was also the only foreigner to be in the TV Show "Chinese Idol" on the nationwide Chinese talent show. The show, which is only in Chinese and watched by more than a billion viewers, saw Jodie reach the last 30 contestants (Please see links). Whilst in China Jodie also learnt speak the language and can also singing in both Chinese and Korean.
Following the success of Chinese Idol, Jodie then went on to enter The Voice of China were she came 3rd for the Sichuan province and in 2016, the second series of the Super Girls female talent show.

Prior to being in China Jodie also achieved a 2.1 BA Hons Degree in Music and Media Management at the London Metropolitan University. Whilst studying in London Jodie also worked with international band 'Keane' as their PR assistant and as AR assistant for the world-renowned record label Ministry of Sound Records.

Jodie has the ability to work as part of a band, duo or as a solo artist and has a repertoire of over 300 songs. In the past decade Jodie has been lucky enough to have worked in China, Macau, Japan, Spain, Greece, Finland, France, Belgium and UK just to name a few. Clients include: Porsche, BMW, P&O cruises, Sony Records, Mercedes Benz, Wardolf Astoria, Galaxy Hotel and Broadway Macau.

As well as working as a full time singer for the last 12 years, Jodie has also had success in the charts as a featured vocalist on songs with Laurent Pautrat and KI-Faro (DBR records). The song, 'Made in the Mana" featured on all music channels including MTV, Kiss, Flava and R&B Massive and can also be viewed on YouTube.

In 2017 Jodie is looking forward to fulfill more experiences, gain further knowledge in the entertainment field and build on the experience gained over the 12 years working as a professional singer and more recently, her Vocal DJ act.

Jodie is also a Grade 8 singing student after completing all my Music Theatre examinations with the London College of Music and Speech.

Age: 25-34

Standard: Professional

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User: JodiesingerCooper

Area: Torquay

Age: 25-34

Standard: Professional

Views: 816

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