Psychedelic funky blues rock trio

Hi my name's Kaya I'm a 25 year old singer/songwriter and guitarist based in London.
I'm looking for a drummer and bassist (preferably aged 20-29) to form an originals band.

I've played a lot of gigs, I've done last minute gigs on occasions too, however a large majority of it was for other peoples music, I've had this idea to start a trio for a while and now I feel is the time to start building this band with whoever else is dedicated and driven to do so.

The music I'm looking to create would have elements of the following: Psychedelic Rock, Blues, Blues-rock, Funk, Funk-rock, Jazz, Psychedelic Soul, Progressive rock, Acid Rock, Folk, Folk-rock, Soul, Old School R&B (60/70s), Country.

I have some material ready to go registered in my memory and I have a wide range of many other ideas ready to experiment with.
I plan to get this band going ASAP, start jamming, develop some ideas and rehearse til everything is tight, then start gigging, recording and in the near future potentially touring, I have contacts for paid gigs in London so once everything is in place all of that can be arranged but it all has to start somewhere.

I'm searching for people who are passionate and take music seriously who's also laid back and looking to have fun on this journey.

If you are interested in being part of this or want more information send me a message, thank you for your time, peace.

Kind regards,

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