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Unknown Beings, looking for people

I'm looking for people to join my band, Unknown Beings, we have members already but we are missing some important positions for the band, such as drummer, 2nd bassist and lead guitarist.
We are a masked band, our genres are rap, rock, metal, and techno.
The current members in our band are:
BlackTwister: 2nd Rapper, 1st rock vocals, 1st metal vocals, keyboard
Big Time: 1st Rapper
Kaos 1st bass
Green Goblin: 1st guitar (not lead), 2nd rock vocals
Simona Cutifani: 2nd guitar, 3rd rock vocals
El: 4th rock vocals, 2nd metal vocals
If you have questions or are interested in joining the band, reply to this post or message me on our band page

Age: 16-24

Standard: Intermediate

Views: 744

User: BlackTwister

Area: Holywood

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