Band needed

Electro bands, keyboard players sought

Electro, Dance Electro, Industrial Dance, Symphonic Ambient Electro and Euro Trance Bands Sought
To work six to eight totally original tracks for an epic sci-fi film soundtrack. Some tracks to be more ambient and some to feature female vocals and be more candy pop or space rock
Female vocalists also required.
Types of sound required original pieces but similar to Tangerine Dream, Azura, Zyna Hel, Neu, Sash, Hawkwind, Eine Shone, Chron Gen and Space.
Collaboration sought, payment will be in the form of a good deal royalty contract, collaborators will be required to sign a standard industry non-disclosure agreement. For more information, please contact Ralph Shephard at

Age: Various ages

Standard: Advanced

Views: 246

User: Nebula

Area: Rochdale

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